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We have made incredible progress in just one year!  

5 years ago, in the June heat, hundreds of Dublin residents gathered at Fallon Middle School, standing patiently for hours to voice concerns to the board about the impact growth is having on our schools.  That night we came together as a community, and have worked diligently together ever since, to ensure our voices are heard and the needs of ours students are met.  I ran for office in 2016 and again in 2019 to bring much needed change to our board.  1 year later & look at all that we have accomplished together:

  • The funding of Emerald High School, phase 1!
  • Fund allocations for Frederiksen, Murray, & Dublin El modernizations!
  • Acquisition of land for Emerald High School!
  • Installation of air Quality Sensors. to help protect the health of children, teachers & staff!
  • Enhancing District communication with the Dublin Community!
  • Including project priority language in Measure J!
  • Passing Measure J with funding to complete the New High School!
  • Hiring Dr Daniel Moirao as the new Acting Superintendent!
  • A smooth reopening of schools,
  • & most importantly, ensuring learning is safe for all! 

Together we have brought much needed change to our district! Working together we will continue to transform our district, providing a safe and equitable experience while elevating the quality of learning for all of Dublin's children!


I have kept my election promises, and remain steadfast in my commitment to you, to serve in the best interest of your children's education.  

As your current Trustee for Area 4, I advocate for the community's interests, working constructively with the board, to ensure the district meets the needs of all our students. I am passionate about education! With over 20 years in planning and project development, I bring my educational expertise to hone a vision for the future of education in Dublin.  Bringing sharp critical-thinking and real-world management experience, I have helped usher in an era of greater fiscal responsibility to ensure our district remains solvent. Having volunteered in our schools and community for over a decade, I have a cultivated a deep connection with our schools, with staff, teachers and students. and deeply understand the issues our schools are facing. As your trustee I will continue to serve our community, bringing the depth of my experience and breadth of expertise to elevate the quality of education in Dublin by:

     Promoting Critical-Thinking to District Oversight,  

     Fostering Transparency in Governance, while Strengthening Communication,

     Championing the Needs of All of Dublin's Students, 

     Bringing a Fresh Perspective to Solving the District's Growth Issues,

     Ensuring the Safety of our Schools!

As your Trustee I will continue to strive to ensure ALL students have equitable access to the support and tools they need to succeed, bolster curriculum to strengthen college and career readiness, and continue to align fiscal resources with our prioritized needs!  Together we are creating a brighter future for our children! 

I would be honored this November to have your continued support and trust! 


#Trust  #PromisesDelivered  #AllAboutStudents   #VOTEGABi


Gabi Blackman for Dublin School Board Area-4
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